Use NI Volume License Manager to Manage NI Software on Mac OS X or Linux

Updated Apr 20, 2023



  • NI License Manager
  • Volume License Manager

Operating System

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

  • I want to get a license for NI software on Mac OS X or Linux under my company's Volume License Agreement. How can we add this to our Volume License Agreement contract?
  • I want to host a Volume License Server through Volume License Manager on my Mac OS X or Linux computer.
  • I want to register my Volume License Agreement serial number to download NI Software on macOS.

NI Volume License Manager is not structured to support NI software for Mac OS X or Linux. Software on these operating systems cannot be managed through a VLM server. Additionally, the Volume License Manager software is available on Windows only. There are other options for VLA customers interested in access to NI software for Mac OS X and Linux. Since 2021, all LabVIEW licenses include access to Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of the software. 

If your company is on a standard Volume License Agreement:

You can purchase LabVIEW for Mac OS X or Linux through a VLA, but the software can't be managed by the Volume License Server. The software is added to the VLA for payment and renewal purposes, so that companies will get new software through the VLA as it is released.

To stay within the NI End User License Agreement, you can install software on up to 3 computers for each license. This also assumes that the software is only being used on one of the computers at a time. To deactivate a license, uninstall it from the computer.

If your company is on an Enterprise Agreement (Service ID EA-XXXXX):

The Enterprise Agreement includes access to NI software for Mac OS X and Linux upon request. Because the software cannot be managed from a VLM Server, media is required to be shipped already activated. Please contact to request that LabVIEW for Mac or LabVIEW for Linux be shipped and to added to the contract. NI will be able to ship software updates for the Mac or Linux media in tandem with the Windows media releases (usually twice a year). For any questions tracking down the shipped software, contact your company's EA Software Administrator.