Can I Connect to NI Device Over Internet

Updated Nov 9, 2020



  • CompactRIO Controller
  • PXI Controller

I need to upgrade software and deploy a new program on an NI controller, such as cRIO. The device is connected to another company's network which I do not have access to. Can I connect to the controller over the internet?

NI controllers (such as cRIOs and PXIs) connected to a network are regarded as standalone devices, similarly to PCs, and cannot be accessed by someone outside the same network. To perform any configuration changes or deployment to these devices:
  • Connect to the same network using a physical connection or a VPN.
  • Remote connect to a PC which is on the same network as the controller (using Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer, etc.) and perform the changes from it. Note: the required software will need to be installed on the target PC as it will be the one communicating with the controller.
  • If the controller needs to be configured often, request IT department to set up an APN so that the two separate networks can be connected.