How Can I Find My NI Product Packages “Feed Name”?

Updated May 1, 2023



  • Package Manager

I need to know the exact feed name of my product package to use in a silent installer. How can I find this?

Option 1

If you have a computer available that has the software to be deployed already available, the fastest way to find the exact package name is:
  1. open NI Package Manager (NIPM)
  2. go to the “installed” tab
  3. hover over the package you want to deploy
  4. note the package name.

Option 2

If you do not have the package installed or if you do prefer command line work use the Command Line Interface (CLI) for NI Package Manager ​​​​.
  1. Open Command Prompt, navigate to the NI Package Manager Directory and update and upgrade all packages.

cd C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI Package Manager
nipkg.exe update
nipkg.exe upgrade –-accept-eulas
  1. Get a full list of all available packages using nipkg.exe list
nipkg.exe list
  1. You can reduce this list by using the find string command findstr. In the following example we search for packages including “NXG” and not containing “support” or “infrastructure".
nipkg.exe list | findstr “NXG” | findstr /v “support” | findstr /v “infrastructure”