Configuring the Blink Color Settings for an Executable

Updated Nov 20, 2023



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How can I get my blinking colors to be the same in an executable as in the development environment? In LabVIEW, I changed the preferences of Blink Foreground and Blink Background color at the Tools>>Options>>Environment>>Colors category. After checking that the blinking colors change, I proceeded to build my VI into an executable and transfer it to another machine. When I run the executable, I notice the blinking colors are still their default colors.

The blinking colors are stored in the ini file. In your development environment, your preferences are stored in LabVIEW>\LabVIEW.ini. In order to get the blinking to use the same colors on your target machine, you will want to transfer the information in your LabVIEW.ini file to the ini file created along with the executable. This file is usually named <my_executable>.ini, where my_executable is the name of your executable. 

To transfer the information for the blink foreground and background settings, add the following lines to the LabVIEW.ini file created along with your executable file: 
blinkFG= [color in HEX]
blinkBG= [color in HEX] 

For example:
blinkFG = 4286F4
blinkBG = D824AE
will change the colors as shown below. Make sure you save the .ini files.


Additional Information

The ini file will be overwritten each time you build the executable.  To avoid editing the ini file manually each time, include a custom configuration file as part of the build specification. Refer to Help  for more information.

You can also change these colors programmatically