Updating PXI Chassis, Controller Or Card Firmware

Updated Apr 1, 2024



  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Controller


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Operating System

  • Windows

In this document, you will find the instructions on how to update the firmware of your PXI/PXIe chassis, controller, or card.

  1. Download and save the firmware image for your PXI/PXIe chassis or controller to the system that needs to be updated. If the target system runs Real-Time OS, save the firmware image onto the host system. If you want to look for the latest version available for your system, you can use the NI Software and Driver Downloads website to enter your PXI device name.
  2. On the host system, use NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX) to upgrade the firmware. You must run NI MAX with administrator privileges.
    1. For Windows Systems: Open NI MAX and expand Devices and Interfaces under the My System tab.
    2. For RT systems: Open NI MAX and expand Remote Systems. Right-click the target system and select Web Configuration.
  3. Each chassis, controller, or card must be updated separately. For each device to be updated:
    1. Expand the Chassis or Controller tree that will receive the firmware update.
    2. Select the device in the leftmost pane, then click the Update Firmware button in the right pane, sometimes you will need to move the horizontal scroll bar.
    3. Navigate to and select the firmware image file saved in step 1, then click the Open button.
      • A dialog box should open containing information about the firmware image selected.
    4. Confirm the version number displayed is as you expected.
      • If the version is as expected, select the Begin Update button to confirm and start the update.
      • If the version is not as you expected, select the Cancel button and confirm the download in step 1.
  4. After a few moments, a dialog box should appear. If the dialog states: The firmware update completed successfully, power cycle the remote controller. The power cycle will require a proper shutdown. After shut down, a disconnect of the AC power from the back of the chassis will be required after the system has successfully shut down properly.
    • If the dialog states that an issue occurred, record the error number/message and contact National Instruments.

On the other hand, as a side note, if you require to update the firmware of your PXI/PXIe card, the procedure is almost the same: 
1. On NI MAX, select your card
2. On the Settings tab, there will be an Update Firmware button
3. Select the corresponding firmware file and follow step 4 on the previous set of instructions.