Windows Product Registration Key for My NI Controller

Updated Aug 3, 2023



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  • I am seeing a Windows prompt telling me to re-activate my Windows OS on my NI PXI(e) controller, and it is asking for my Product Registration Key. Where can I find this key?
  • Where can I find the Windows Registration sticker?
  • Why does my NI Controller with Windows 7 come with a product key code sticker while my NI Controller with Windows 10 does not?

If you ordered a Windows 7 or earlier PXI controller that was installed in a chassis by Factory Installation Services (FIS):
All keycodes are placed on a label on the corresponding PXI chassis. The label will be mounted on a plate such as those shown below.

If you ordered a Windows 10 PXI controller:
Windows 10 PXI(e) controllers are shipped with a preinstalled operating system with the activation key embedded into the BIOS. Therefore, an activation is usually not necessary.

If you are prompted for an activation key anyway, try to activate Windows 10 while the controller is connected to the internet. Also try the click the Troubleshoot wrench icon if the activation is not successful.

If your controllers were shipped with Windows 10 Pro, you can retrieve the embedded activation key by typing the following into the Windows Command Prompt:
wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

As of Aug 2019, all NI Windows 10 PXI(e) controllers are shipped with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. There is Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) that is shipped with the controller, which proves that there's a valid license installed. The COAs are stickers which are stuck to the side of the controller.

If activation is still not possible after trying both steps above, please contact NI support.

Additional Information

The key you receive for Windows 7 controllers will not actually activate Windows. This sticker is for authenticity purposes.

The OS is pre-installed on more recent controllers, most notably with Windows 7 and Windows 10 IoT. Therefore, a product activation key is not required. If you are still running into problems with e-activating Windows then you try to restore the OS through Acronis True Image.

If you cannot find this packet or this sticker, please contact NI. To help us expedite getting you a Product Registration Key, please let us know when you received your system. Also note if the entire software packet is missing or if the packet just did not include the registration sticker.