Downloading Individual Offline Installers for NI Software

Updated May 27, 2024

This tutorial shows you how to download offline installers to use on off-network machines. This method will enable you to install NI software even when you are running into network issues within NI Package Manager.

Other methods to install NI software on offline machines include:

  1. On the online machine, visit
  2. Select Software Products or Drivers. Search for the product you need to install.
  3. On the product download page, make your desired selections for OS, bitness, edition, language, etc.
    • Keep in mind that these options may affect the size of the installer. If you are downloading the offline installer for some application software (like LabVIEW), you may have the option to have Driver Software Included. To decrease the size of your installation file, select No.
  4. Click on the Individual Offline Installers link below the Download button.
    • Note: This link is only available for 2019 released versions or newer since the default option uses the NI Package Manager to download the installation files.
    • For older versions, the default download is an offline installer itself.
As an example, the LabVIEW 2020 SP1 Download is shown below:
Install Offline option button
  1. Select your desired version from the modal window and click DOWNLOAD. This will download a .iso file.
  1. Distribute the .iso file to the offline machine.​​​​​
  • Note: If the files are on a USB flash drive, move the files to the offline machine and install them from there.

Note: Access to older versions of NI software is restricted and not all versions may be available. Learn more in the Download Older Versions of NI Software article. If you are unable to locate or use older installers and/or have unexpectedly limited access, please contact NI support to discuss next steps.

Next Steps

To mount the .iso file, refer to Using NI Software Downloaded in ISO File Format