Finding the Serial Number or System Tag of My NI Product

Updated Feb 15, 2022



  • CompactRIO Chassis
  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Controller
  • CompactRIO Controller
  • CompactDAQ Chassis
  • CompactDAQ Controller
  • myDAQ Student Data Acquisition Device

  • I need to find the serial number or system tag of my NI hardware, software, or system.
  • My serial number provided is not working. How do I check what my serial number should be?

Finding the serial number is dependent upon the type of license agreement and equipment initially enabled at purchase. The following methods can be applied to verify that the correct serial number is being used.  

Software Single-Seat License

  • From within the NI software: 
  1. Launch the NI Software you wish to identify. 
  2. When the application opens, locate the Help menu at the top of the screen. 
  3. Click Help»About 
  4. The dialog box that appears will display software application details. 
  5. If the Serial Number is not displayed, please see the Software Volume License Program Customers section below.
  • From NI License Manager 4.0 and later:
  1. Navigate to the Local Licenses tab for local or disconnected licenses.
  2. Expand the software package of interest.
  3. If the software is activated, the circle next to it will be green and the serial number will be located in the Serial Number field as seen in below.

  • From NI License Manager 3.1 and earlier:
  1. Navigate to the NI software of interest under Local Licenses. For example, Local Licenses»LabVIEW 2016»Development System»Professional Development System.
  2. If the software is activated, the box next to it will be green and the serial number will be located in the Serial Number field as seen below.
  • From the Certificate of Ownership:
The serial number is located on the Certificate of Ownership included in the software kit. If the software kit does not include a Certificate of Ownership, it is possible to find the serial number on the product packing slip or on the shipping label as shown below.


Software Volume License

  • Volume License Programs require an administrator. Contact the administrator for the serial number. Their contact information can be found through software.
    • From within NI License Manager 4.0 and higher, navigate to the Network Licenses tab for and the administrator contact information will be listed on the left side of the window as in the image below.
    • From within NI License Manager 3.1 and earlier, click on the Server Name, and the administrator contact information will be listed on the right side of the window.


  • NI hardware serial numbers typically consist of six (6) alphanumeric values.
  • NI cable serial numbers typically consist of nine (9) numbers located beneath the Model Number on the cable itself. 
  • NI hardware serial numbers are located on a:
    •  Label adhered directly on the hardware itself.
    • Sticker located directly on an IC on the board of many PXI cards.
    • Label on the anti-static bag where the hardware has been shipped in.
For reference, the image below illustrates where the serial number for a PCI Board, a PXI Controller, a PXI Chassis and a USB device would be located. 

If the serial number of the NI product is not found after trying the suitable methods, contact NI support. Provide them with information about the original purchaser and company. With that, the support team can look through NI's internal database for purchase histories.

Academic Volume License 

Depending on which Academic Volume License (AVL) contract your academic institution purchased, you will receive one or more serial numbers from your administrator, which are used to license and activate your NI software. You can install and activate software individually on a computer, and you will need to activate the software on each computer. Contact your administrator for more information. 

System Tag

System tags are labels that include unique identifiers that help track the configuration and contents of a system.
system tag components

System tags can be found in the following places:

  • PXI Chassis: Above or below the serial number label on the back or bottom of the chassis
  • CompactRIO or CompactDAQ chassis with a flat bottom: Left of the serial number label on the bottom of the chassis
  • CompactRIO or CompactDAQ chassis with finned bottom: Below compliance sticker on the bottom of the chassis
  • Wireless CompactRIO or CompactDAQ chassis: On the side of the chassis

Additional Information

Most NI software can be downloaded from as soon as you purchase it, or you can download most software in evaluation mode to try it before you buy it. After you purchase the software, you will receive an email that will ask you to accept access to the software, and NI will link this activated software to your NI user account.


In some cases, the software may be delivered to you on physical media, or you may request this option when you purchase the item. After the software kit arrives, the serial number included in it can be entered in NI License Manager to permanently activate the software.


For more information about activation options, refer to the NI Product Activation page, which will also explain what to do if your software is provided to you as part of a volume license agreement, enterprise agreement, Academic Site License, or other special cases.