Can I Make a Flex Cable Design Using Ultiboard?

Updated Nov 27, 2020

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  • Ultiboard

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  • Windows

Issue Details

Is it possible to create a PCB design with flex cable or a flex rigid design using Ultiboard?


Ultiboard does not count with a tool to visualize the flex material in the design.

However, the design can be adjusted to point through drawings which will be the area that will be built on flex material. Usually, the layers that are most commonly used for this type of job are the mechanical layers, as they are the ones that will be including the instructions for the manufacturer.

You can see the following example using the scenario where the drawings need to be done on the mechanical layer:

Additionally, when you select the option to export the file, you will require to include this layer on the files:

Disclaimer: Always verify with your PCB manufacturer which will be the files needed or indications on the design to build the flex design with Ultiboard. This is subject to change depending on the requirements made by the manufacturer. This scenario is an example used simulating that the manufacturer requested the indication of the flex zone in the mechanical layer.