EtherCAT Adaptor Mode Does Not Available on cRIO 9053 and cRIO 9056

Updated Dec 19, 2023

Reported In


  • cRIO-9053

Issue Details

I'm trying to configure my cRIO 9053 and cRIO 9056 as EtherCAT master, however when I open NI MAX there is no EtherCAT Adaptor Mode option to choose. I have verify that my drivers and software is already compatible with the hardware that I'm using. 


In the hardware requirement for Setting Up EtherCAT on NI Programmable Automation Controllers, it have mention that the master LabVIEW Real-Time controllers must have two Ethernet ports. Since cRIO 9053/56 only has one Ethernet port, this the reason why there is no Adaptor Mode option for cRIO 9053/56 in NI MAX.

Additional Information

There are few options for cRIO-905x  (9054/9055/9057/9058) which have two Ethernet ports that can be use as EtherCAT master.