How to Manage My Data With DIAdem and NI DataFinder?

Updated Nov 12, 2020



  • DIAdem

NI DataFinder technology is installed when you install DIAdem. NI DataFinder is an indexing service that parses any custom file format for descriptive information (properties) and creates a database of the descriptive information within your data files. This database is automatically updated as soon as a valid data file is created, deleted, or edited.

You find detailed information in the following videos:

Video 1 - Compile the Data You Would Like to Work With …
This video shows, how easy it is, to compile data in DIAdem that you would like to analyze and present.

Video 2 - The TDM Data Model …
This video shows, how easy the TDM Data Model helps you to document your data.

Video 3 - Document Your Data With Properties …
This video shows, how easy it is to document your data in DIAdem

Video 4 - Define Your Search Areas for DataFinder …
This video shows how easily you can tell the NI DataFinder where your data are stored.

Video 5 - DataFinder Configuration …
This video shows, how you can configure the NI DataFinder.