Importing Orcad Designs and Netlists with the NI Circuit Design Suite

Updated Jun 29, 2023



  • Circuit Design Suite

This page provides you with an overview of Orcad and PSpice file import capabilities supported by NI Multisim. It is recommended to download the evaluation version to fully test support available, as support may vary depending on file version. On this page, learn how to import Orcad .DSN designs, as well as SPICE netlists.

Multisim is over 95% compatible with PSpice model and device parameters. This means that porting over existing netlists that use even this properietary syntax will be simulatable in Multisim. To import a SPICE netlist, watch the following video, or consult the tutorial Importing a SPICE Netlist for Simulation in NI Multisim.

NI Multisim has basic capability for importing OrCAD .DSN files. The following is the extent of the file import support. The support is limited to schematic capture designs only; no simulation models or data can or will be imported. However, if you would like to simulate an existing PSpice (or other) netlist within Multisim, please consult the section on importing SPICE netlists below.

What is imported:

  • Schematic symbols
  • Wires and nets
  • Ground and power sources
  • Bus lines
  • Junctions
  • Text
  • Title Block

What is not imported:

  • Simulation models and parameters
  • Virtual connections (symbol only)
  • Bus line inputs

To import OrCAD designs and Netlists complete the following steps:
1. Select File > Open, and select the .DSN file to be imported
2. Select Cancel at the next dialog, unless you would like to save .prt files
3. You can either choose to import the components to your user database, or skip this step
4. Verify the import, and replace any components. Re-wire as necessary.