How to Activate NI Multisim

Updated Feb 10, 2021



  • Multisim

Are you having trouble with the activation of Multisim version 10.x or later? This tutorial was made as a step-by-step guide to aid you in activating Multisim (whether it is the Student, Educational, Base, Full, or Power Pro Edition). The following instructions are for different scenarios and include different ways to activate your product.

Activating Multisim through an online connection (most convenient option).

  1. Launch Multisim. Regardless of which edition you installed,  a dialog will pop up giving you four options: Evaluate, Activate, Purchase, and Exit. Select Activate to start the activation process.
  2. There are three ways to activate Multisim from this window. We are going to activate Multisim through the most convenient option. Select Automatically activate through a secure Internet connection and click on Next >>.
  3. Enter the serial number that you received in the space given, then select Next >>.
  4. Enter your NI User Profile if you have one. If you do not, select Create a new User Profile. If you are creating your user profile, fill out the blanks and follow the instructions in the next pages.  Once you have created your account, select Next >>.
  5. Associate NI services with the account provided and keep going until NI verifies your account.
  6. The last window will show you a confirmation dialog. Finish the activation process and Multisim will start.

Activating Multisim from the NI License Manager.

  1. Search Windows for and open NI License Manager. Select the Local Licenses tab and then scroll down and select Multisim (in case you have more than one version, find the one you wish to activate). 
  1.  Right-click on the edition you purchased and select Activate to open the Activation Wizard.

If you can’t find the edition you purchased then you installed the wrong edition of Multisim. If this is the case, follow the How to Download and Install NI Multisim tutorial to download the correct installer.
  1. If you have your serial number added to your NI account, select Check my account for licenses otherwise select Enter a Serial Number and follow the prompts on the screen. If you are activating the software on a machine that does not have internet access, select Enter Activation Code and follow the steps in Activate NI Software Without Internet Connection to generate the activation code.
  1. Once you activate your product, the License Manager will show a green icon next to your Product.

Activating Multisim from the NI website.

  1. Using your browser of choice, go to
  2. Under Product to Activate select Multisim from both the first and second drop-down that appears after your first selection. Under Product Version, select the version of Multisim you installed and select Go.
  1. Under the activation information heading, fill out all the blanks, such as the serial number you received when you purchased Multisim, Computer ID (click here to learn how to find the Computer ID). Click on the blue fields to open pop-ups on how to obtain certain information such as your Computer ID. Once finished, select Continue.
  2. Under Activation information, a 20-pin activation code will be provided to you on the next screen. Highlight this code and copy it.
  1. Start Multisim and select Activate on the Evaluation splash screen. Select Apply one or more 20-character activation codes previously acquired for this computer and click Next >>.
  1. Paste your code in the provided space and select Next >>. The next screen will show a successful activation. Select the Finish button to end the dialog and continue to Multisim.