Getting Started Guide: Schematic Capture and Simulation with NI Multisim

Updated Feb 9, 2021



  • Multisim

This article provides resources to help users get up and running quickly with the fundamentals of NI Multisim.

Follow these top-rated tutorials to get up and running quickly with the fundamentals of NI Multisim.

  1. Get Started with Schematic Capture
  2. Tutorial: Capture and Simulate in Less than 30 Minutes
Run through this tutorial that will have you capturing an example circuit and running an interactive simulation in less than 30 minutes.
  1. Start Using Interactive Instruments
  2. Simplify your schematics with new virtual connectors
Beginning in Multisim 11, there is a completely new schematic capture system with new connectors. Learn more about how this system differs from the old system, and how to migrate your designs to this latest version.
  1. Learn how to run analyses
  2. Do you miss your SPICE Netlist? It's still there for you.