Use the Filter Wizard in NI Multisim

Updated Nov 17, 2023

The Multisim Filter Wizard lets you design numerous types of filters by entering particular specifications into its fields. The designed circuit can then be verified by SPICE simulation directly.

Learn more about topics in SPICE Simulation by visiting the SPICE Simulation Fundamentals  page.

To design a filter using the Filter Wizard:

  1. Select Tools>>Circuit Wizards>>Filter Wizard.

  1. Select the desired filter type from the Type drop-down list. Choices are low pass, high pass, band pass or band reject.

The parameters that are available in the box below the Type drop-down and the diagram on the right of the dialog box will change based on the selected filter type and selections made in the following steps.
  1. Select either Butterworth or Chebyshev in the Type box. If you select Chebyshev, the Pass Band Ripple box displays. If you select Butterworth, it does not.
  2. Select either Passive or Active in the Topology box. If you select Passive, the Source Impedance box displays. If you select Active, it is does not.
  3. Select the desired source impedance in the Source Impedance box (for passive filters only).
  4. Select the desired ripple in the Pass Band Ripple box (for Chebyshev type filters only).
  5. Enter desired filter parameters in the box below the Type drop-down list.

Note: The available parameters change depending on the selections made in the above steps.
  1. Click Verify. If there are any problems with your design, a message displays below the diagram in the Filter Wizard dialog box. Adjust your parameters and click Verify again. When your design is error-free, the following message displays and the Build Circuit button becomes active:


  1. Click Build Circuit. The Filter Wizard dialog box closes and a "ghost" image of the circuit is placed on your cursor.
  2. Move the cursor to the desired location and click the mouse to place the circuit.