Cannot Load File When Using Any Python DataPlugin

Updated Apr 1, 2024

Reported In


  • DIAdem 2020
  • DIAdem 2020 SP1
  • SystemLink 2020 R3

Issue Details

I wanted to start developing DataPlugins in Python. I went ahead and registered the Python DataPlugin example that comes with DIAdem (On DIAdem ExampleFinder, I went to Examples>>Mining and Loading Data>>Creating a Python DataPlugin). However, when I load the example CSV file I get the following error:


Cannot load the file <file path> with the loader <dataplugin name>

More information:
"Module cannot be loaded from compiled python script"

How can I fix this issue?


This issue will occur if you have the environment variable PYTHONPATH, which points to directories where python should look for modules to import, defined. So to make it work you need to remove the global PYTHONPATH.

To check if you have that variable defined, you can open the windows command prompt and enter the set command.

This problem is known by DIAdem and SystemLink R&D and a fix will be integrated in the SystemLink 2020 R4 and  DIAdem 2021.