Control the Digital Waveform Editor in LabVIEW

Updated Nov 1, 2023

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  • Digital Waveform Editor
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I'm using the NI Digital Waveform Editor (DWE) to create and export digital waveforms from.hws files. I would like to perform these operation on the DWE directly from LabVIEW:
  • Is it possible to control the DWE software through the use of Disk Operating System (DOS)?
  • If yes, can it be also controlled via LabVIEW?


The Digital Waveform Editor is an interactive software tool for creating, editing and importing digital waveforms. It can be used in conjunction with NI products, such as the Logic Analyzer Solution, as reported in the document 
Using the NI Digital Waveform Editor to Analyze Waveforms, but you cannot call the DWE to import and export .hws file by using LabVIEW. 

The only two alternatives for establishing a sort of communication between LabVIEW and the DWE are:
  1. Open the DWE in the Command Prompt using the Start Command, or calling the System to launch the DWE in LabVIEW, as reported in the document How to Programmatically Run an Application Minimized from LabVIEW . However, once the DWE is open, you can only manage files manually directly from the DWE.
  2. Manage the .hws file directly from LabVIEW by installing the HWS DataPlugin and following the document Writing TDM and TDMS Files in LabVIEW . The HDF5 DataPlugin should be installed with the HWS dataplugin.