Locate Help Documentation for NI GPIB-RS232 and GPIB-RS485

Updated Dec 19, 2023



  • GPIB-RS232
  • GPIB-RS485

I have recently started working with an NI GPIB/Serial converter (e.g. GPIB-RS232 or GPIB-RS485). I have noticed that this device is not supported by either NI-488.2 or NI-Serial. How can I program it, and where do I go to access Help documentation?

The NI GPIB/Serial converters are designed to operate in different modes depending on bus configuration. This capability means there are also special programming considerations, so these devices have their own software and associated help files.

Your converter box should ship with a CD containing the software & help installer. Alternatively, you can download the GPIB Serial Converter Software .

To access the device's Help documentation on Windows, visit: Start >> National Instruments >> GPIB-Serial Converter Help.