Can Academic Staff and Post-Graduate Students Use the Student Install Option (SIO)?

Updated Apr 21, 2020

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  • Volume License Manager
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Issue Details

  • Who is eligible to use the Student Install Option (SIO) in my the Academic Site License (ASL)?
  • A member of Academic Staff or postgraduate student has requested to use NI software. Can I provide them with the Student Install Option (SIO) Serial Number?


Post-Graduate Students

The SIO Serial Number may be used by anyone enrolled as a student at or taking educational classes at the Academic Institution, including post-graduate courses such as Masters and PhDs. The Serial Number is distributed and managed by the ASL's Software Administrator.


For "Teaching and Research" ASLs, individuals who are not enrolled or taking classes can use NI Software for research purposes in same way as the Academic Staff below. This is not available for "Teaching Only" ASLs.

Academic Staff

Academic Staff should not use the SIO Serial Number. If a member of Academic Staff would like access to NI software included in the ASL they have the following options:
  1. Access a license through the Volume License Server on a computer located at the physical location to which the ASL is registered (unless otherwise specified in the ASL Agreement)
  2. A laptop owned by the Academic Institute may be temporarily taken off-site and continue to use NI Software. This can be done using:
    • the 14-day backup automatically issued when disconnecting from the Volume License Server network. This not available for Concurrent Licenses.
    • a disconnected license file which your Software Administrator can provide. This is not available for Unmanaged Concurrent Licenses.

Contact NI Support if you do not know your Academic Institute's nominated Software Administrator. 


Additional Information

See NI's General Purpose Software License Agreement for more information. The most relevant section, correct at time of article publish, is:

“If you are a student and have acquired a license to use Software through your Academic Institution’s student install option, you must be a student enrolled in or taking continuing education classes in order to use the Software. You may use the Software for your personal education purposes, which may include use for classroom or lab coursework as well as academic research that is in furtherance of the your undergraduate work, and not for any other purpose.”