DotNET Framework Version Compatibility with MS SDK 7.1

Updated May 27, 2019

Reported In


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

  • I tried to compile my VeriStand models, but now they all fail with a LNK1123 error.
  • I receive the following error when trying to compile my model for VeriStand: 
    Warning: You have selected an unsupported compiler. Attempting to locate a supported installation of the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ tool chain.
  • I'm having problems with installing the Windows SDK 7.1 on a Windows 8.1 or 10 machine.
  • Compiling Simulink software into a DLL for use with the Model Interface Toolkit from VeriStand and the following error occurs: 'Attempting to locate a supported installation of the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ tool chain.' 


There are compatibility issues between .NET Framework 4.5 or over and SDK 7.1. Most of NI Veristand user have to consider software configuration below. Model tools such as Simulink require a VC++ Compiler to build models for NI Veristand. And, the problem is Visual C++2010 Compiler under SDK 7.1 only works with .NET Framework 4.0. If either Veristand Model framework or Model Tool was upgraded, .NET Framework version would be upgraded automatically. So, this problem is solved with SDK Patch.


Depending on the version used the .NET might not be supported on VC++ compiler. Use the flow chart below to help determine the installation options available for your needs.


Note: SDK 7.1 patch download link is here (External Link : Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack1 Compiler Update for the Windows SDK 7.1)

Additional Information

.NET Framework is installed in such a way that the upper version updates the previous version. Therefore, you cannot install the previous version after the upper version is installed.