Communicating with Camera Link Camera Using GenCP (GenICam)

Updated Mar 23, 2023

Reported In


  • Frame Grabber Device


  • Vision Acquisition Software
  • NI-IMAQdx


  • Camera Link camera that uses the GenCP protocol to set attributes.

Issue Details

I have a CameraLink camera that uses GenCP communication to change camera attributes. Can I use NI Vision Acquisition Software to communicate with and acquire images from this camera?


Currently NI Vision Acquisition Software, including the NI-IMAQ and NI-IMAQdx drivers, does not support GenCP for communicating with Camera Link cameras. You should still be able to acquire from these cameras as long as you have the correct camera file  and you can configure the attributes of your camera using one of these methods:
  • ASCII Serial Commands
Many Camera Link cameras support both GenCP and ASCII serial communication modes. If your camera does support direct serial commands, you can send these commands to the camera using the Camera File Generator or IMAQ Serial VIs. You may need to change the camera's method of communication to ASCII serial mode before sending direct serial commands. Refer to the camera's manual for more information.
  • Camera manufacturer's interactive software
Most camera manufacturers have a standalone software that can be used to configure attributes on the camera. Even if you are using an NI frame grabber and NI's vision drivers, you can still configure the camera using the camera manufacturer's software. However, you will be unable to acquire through that software if you are using an NI frame grabber.
  • Camera manufacturer's SDK or API
Some camera manufacturers will provide an SDK or API that can be used to communicate with the camera using the GenCP protocol. These libraries are generally C or .NET DLLs that can be called from LabVIEW using a Call Library Function Node or .NET Constructor Node. You could perform the acquisition using the NI driver and use these library calls to configure the camera.