Error -251022 Occur Using Domain Name Connection in SystemLink

Updated Mar 25, 2019

Reported In


  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink Server
  • SystemLink Client

Issue Details

The SystelinLink client can be connected to the server using both domain name and IP address. The issue is if I use the domain name, the will get an error -251022, the same error will also occur when transfering tag and message in AMQP. The error code and screenshot are shown below.

Error -251022 occurred at
niSkylineFileIngestion.lvlib:Open AMQP

However, if I use HTTP configuration to transfer tag and message or change the domain name into IP address, it works without any errors.
How to fix the issue?


It might be an issue verifying the RabbitMQ certificate for the server. This check is only done when specifying the master's hostname and isn't done when specifying the server's IP address. You can add your server's hostname to the SystemLink Server Configuration Utility RabbitMQ tab to fix the error.


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