NI 9862 XNET Port Not Visible in NI MAX

Updated Apr 8, 2023

Reported In


  • cRIO-9025
  • cRIO-9113
  • NI-9862


  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

I'm working with cRIO-9025, NI 9113 Chassis and the NI-XNET 9862 module. I'm not able to see the CAN Port in NI MAX under Devices and Interfaces. I have installed all the required drivers and toolkit on the Real-time target as well. What can be the possible reason for this behavior?


By default, the XNET Ports will not be visible when working with drivers prior to CompactRIO 15.0, NI-XNET Module and cRIO setup. Refer Do I Need to Compile a Blank Bitfile for NI-XNET in VeriStand for detailed information on the same.

A Custom FPGA Bitfile must be compiled in order to use a NI 986x XNET module because the NI 986x XNET module doesn’t work in scan mode on the NI CompactRIO. Below are the steps that will need to be followed in order to successfully setup the NI 986x XNET Module:

1) Create a Blank NI LabVIEW Project from the Getting Started Dialog Box.

2) Right-click on the New project and Select New>>Targets and Devices:

3) Select New Target or Device. Expand Real-time CompactRIO category and choose cRIO-9025:

4) To add NI-9113 chassis as target, Right-click on the RT-CompactRIO Target>>New>>Targets and Devices..

5) Check New Target or Device option in the Dialog Box and select cRIO-9113 from the available options:

6) Add NI-XNET 9862 Module under Real-time Scan Resources. Right-click Real-time Scan Resources>>New>>C series modules..

7) Select NI 9862 from the Type Dropdown:

8) Add a new FPGA Target under the Chassis. Right-click on Chassis (cRIO-9113)>>New>>FPGA Target:

9) Since a custom FPGA bitfile must be compiled, Right-click FPGA Target>>New>>VI to create a new blank VI:

10) Right-click on the RT-CompactRIO Target>>Properties. Put the correct IP address (visible in NI MAX) under General Category in IP Address/DNS Name field:

11)Compile the Blank VI to generate the bitfile. Right-click on the RT-CompactRIO Target>>Deploy All:

12) Expand Build Specifications, Right-click on the build specification for the Blank VI and select Download:

You will now be able to see the CAN Port in NI MAX:

Additional Information

There are two ways to perform NI-XNET communication with the NI 986x XNET module on the NI CompactRIO: FPGA mode or Hybrid mode. The steps mentioned in this Knowledge Base focuses on the steps to get started with the NI 986x XNET module in FPGA mode. If the NI CompactRIO target has other NI C series modules in scan mode, the NI 986x XNET module can be used in hybrid mode. Refer How Can I Use Scan Engine and FPGA Simultaneously on a CompactRIO (Hybrid Mode)? to work in Hybrid mode on the CompactRIO.