Invalid Activation Code Error During Offline Activation

Updated Aug 6, 2021

Reported In


  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

I have a system that is completely offline and cannot connect to the internet. When I go to activate my NI software using an activation code, I receive the following error:

Invalid Activation Code!


Make sure that the activation code is 20 alphanumeric characters separated by a hyphen between every 4 characters.

Example of valid activation code: 
  • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA-789J

Examples of invalid activation codes:
  • Not 20 characters: 
    • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA-789 
    • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA-789J-QDHX
  • Missing hyphens:
    • ABCD1234A1B2XYZA789J
  • Extra symbols/hyphens:
    • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA--789J
    • ABCD~1234~A1B2~XYZA~789J
    • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA-789J


Additional Information

Be sure to double-check that the software you are trying to activate is not already activated. You will get the same error when this happens because there is nothing left to activate using that code.