Invalid Activation Code Error During Offline Activation

Updated Oct 28, 2020

Reported In


  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

I have a system that is completely offline and cannot connect to the internet. When I go to activate my NI software using an activation code, I receive the following error:

Invalid Activation Code!


Make sure that the activation code is 20 alphanumeric characters separated by a hyphen between every 4 characters.

Example of valid activation code: 
  • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA-789J

Examples of invalid activation codes:
  • Not 20 characters: 
    • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA-789 
    • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA-789J-QDHX
  • Missing hyphens:
    • ABCD1234A1B2XYZA789J
  • Extra symbols/hyphens:
    • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA--789J
    • ABCD~1234~A1B2~XYZA~789J
    • ABCD-1234-A1B2-XYZA-789J