DAQ Device to Control SCXI Chassis Does Not Populate in Calibration Executive Procedure

Updated Mar 20, 2019

Reported In


  • Chassis for SCXI


  • Calibration Executive

Issue Details

When using Calibration Executive to calibrate an SCXI module, the DAQ device for controlling the SCXI chassis does not appear in the drop-down list in a user input prompt.

I have a supported, working device and my SCXI chassis is configured correctly in MAX.  How can I move forward with my calibration?


The beginning of a Calibration Executive procedure consists of several wizard-style prompts that help you set up your Calibration Report. Each of these windows asks for information about the hardware involved in the procedure. In an SCXI procedure, the prompt that asks for you to select your MIO device may not list it in the drop-down menu. In this situation, it will not affect the procedure to select Unsupported Instrument. This prompt only configures the text of the report; it does not configure the hardware itself. The procedure will continue to work normally once you are done with the setup.  Fill out the required fields and click Next.


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