Why Is the Maximum/Minimum Property Showing NOVALUE in DIAdem NAVIGATOR?

Updated Apr 7, 2023

Reported In


  • DIAdem
  • DataFinder Server

Issue Details

My data files show NOVALUE for the Maximum/Minimum channel property in DIAdem NAVIGATOR. Therefore I cannot search for these properties using the local DataFinder.


The DataFinder does not calculate these base properties but only indexes available properties that a DataPlugin reads from a file. Your data file needs to include the value for the property already and the DataPlugin needs to read that property.

Use the following steps to include the properties in your file:

  • Save the base properties when creating the data file and map them to the respective DIAdem property in the DataPlugin.
  • Go to NAVIGATOR menu Settings > DIAdem Settings...  and enable the Option Automatically calculate characteristic values (see image below). Then open the data file in DIAdem and save it as TDM.
  • Use DataFinder Server Preprocessor to calculate base properties automatically. This approach requires the software SystemLink with TDM DataFinder Module.

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