What Ports Do I Need to Open on My Firewall for Communicating with CompactRIO?

Updated Jul 25, 2023

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If  I need to install a compactRIO in the corporate network, which ports do I need to open on the firewall in order to communicate with the device?


To communicate with a CompactRIO (depending on what you application needs to do) you must open the following ports :
  • MAX Hardware Identification - UDP 44515, UDP 44525, TCP 44516
  • Ethernet Target Device Discover - UDP 44525, UDP 5353
  • LabVIEW RT TCP front panel connections - TCP 3079
  • NI Service Locator -  TCP 3580 
  • Using LabVIEW Web Server - TCP 8080
  • NI VISA Server - TCP 3537
  • FTP server - TCP 20, TCP 21
  • Synchronization (NTP, SNTP) - TCP 123 
  • Network Shared Variables and Network Stream - TCP 2343, UDP 6000-6010, TCP 59110 and above (one port for each application running on the server)
  • NI-RIO server for remote FPGA communication - uses dynamic port by default. The port can be checked on http://<cRIO IP address>:3580/dumpinfo on the NI-RIO row under the "mappings" token. This will change with every server restart or reboot. To set an static port, you can modify the file /var/lib/nirio/ini/nirio.ini (by default this file does not exist, you can create it under the ini directory)and add the following token:
It's possible to collect this information from this guide Configuring Software and Hardware Firewalls to Support NI Products 

Additional Information

The same ports are also relevant for Real-Time PXI systems.