What Devices Other than X and M Series Can Perform Correlated Digital I/O?

Updated Apr 18, 2019

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  • Multifunction I/O Device
  • Digital I/O Device
  • CompactDAQ Chassis
  • CompactRIO Chassis

Issue Details

X Series and M Series devices can perform correlated digital I/O, but are there other devices that can perform this function as well? (Correlated digital I/O means to associate a digital task with a clock to make it a hardware-timed digital task.)


For other list of hardware devices that support correlated hardware-timed digital I/O (DIO), check the Data Acquisition page. From here, you can filter the product list to display only those products that support correlated DIO. 

To filter the results yourself from the main DAQ Hardware page, select one of the Digital I/O Channels options, such as At least 1. This filters all of the DAQ hardware to just hardware that supports DIO. Next, filter this list to include only correlated DIO by selecting Hardware under the Digital I/O Timing category on the left-hand side of the page. For your convenience, a direct link to the filtered results showing only correlated DIO devices is provided in the related links of this document.