How Do I Create a Queue/Notifier Refnum on the Front Panel?

Updated Oct 23, 2023



  • LabVIEW

I'd like to create a queue reference control inside a type definition that I can use in my project. Now I'm stuck because I do not know how to create such a reference control. There is no queue refnum control on the front panel palette.

Use the following approach to create a queue reference control on the front panel or in a type definition:
  1. Open a new VI, drop the Obtain Queue function and wire the queue data type.
  2. Create a reference control by right clicking on the queue out terminal and choosing Create>Control.
  3. Drag the queue reference control into the type definition.

If you already have a queue reference control in your type definition and you would like to add another queue reference with a different data type:
  1. Copy the queue reference control in the type definition.
  2. Drag a control with a different data type into the reference control.
  3. (Optional) Alternatively, right click the queue reference control and choose Show Control. Right click the appeared control and choose Replace.

This approach works the same for notifier control references.