Can I Export the NI VeriStand Workspace Configuration and Reuse It in Another System Model?

Updated May 23, 2023

Issue Details

In NI Veristand's system explorer, I can load the System Configuration Mappings dialog box and export the connections to a .txt file. This is great for when I restructure my models and multiple connections move to a different level in a model hierarchy. In the same situation, the links to controls on my workspace are broken and have to be recreated manually, which is a lengthy and error prone process. Can these links be exported just as per the mappings?


There is no "Workspace Configuration Exporting" functionality as such. However, we can avoid recreating the links when the system model is modified by creating a series of Aliases for the model channels and connect the workspace controls to the aliases rather than the channels themselves.

Refer Creating Aliases Help Document to understand the step by step procedure to create Aliases.

Once the Aliases have been created, you can export the Aliases to a .txt file and import the same, as and when required, following the steps mentioned below:

1. Select Aliases in the System Explorer Window and click on Export.

Save the alias configuration data into a ASCII text file. When you change your system model, you can load the alias configuration data by importing the ASCII text file instead of manually asigning each channel to a alias again.

2. Now if you want to change to another model with the same system configuration mapping and the workspace, you can simply importing the alias configuration text file saved in Step 1 to the new model and when you go to the work space, the link between each control and the channel still remains.