Crash with DAbort 0xBBD05E9 in LEIFBuildData.cpp When Building Packed Library with Error Bar Plot

Updated Mar 22, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW 2018 SP1

Issue Details

I inserted a Error Plot Graph to a subVI that is part of a library in my project.

Now, when I try to build a packed library containing the library with my subVI LabVIEW crashes during the build process with the following error message:

"DAbort 0xBBD05E9 in LEIFBuildData.cpp"


The cause of the error is the plot indicator on the Front Panel. When you want to use the functionality of the Plot Helper VI in a subVI within a packed library that outputs the Error Bar Plot, you should
  • replace the plot indicator by the standard object indicator:
    • Go to Block Diagram
    • Remove the 2D Error Bar Indicator
    • Create the object indicator by right-clicking on the 2D Plot Class Obj Array out Terminal and select Create >> Indicator
    • Your Project should look like this:
  • Build the packed library
  • Place the Error Bar Plot indicator in your project where you use the subVI of the packed library that contains the Plot Helper VI functionality


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