Computer Won't Shutdown When Connected to PXI Chassis

Updated Mar 14, 2019

Reported In


  • PCIe-8375
  • PXIe-8375

Issue Details

My PXI chassis is connected to my computer via MXI connection and functions as expected. When I try to shut down my PC using the standard OS procedure, my computer reboots. I am unable to shutdown my computer unless I disconnect my PXI chassis from my computer.


This is most likely caused by a specific motherboard and/or BIOS. Try the following troubleshooting steps to see if the issue persists:

1. Move the PCIe MXI controller card to a different PCIe slot on the PC
2. If installed, remove any other non-essential PCIe cards from the PC 
3. Contact the motherboard manufacturer and try different BIOS versions
4. Use a different motherboard


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