Wiring and Power Draw of Core ATE Configuration High Power Fan Assembly

Updated Mar 15, 2019

Issue Details

I have an NI ATE Core Configuration with the High Performance Fan Assembly.  Is there a way I can make it quieter? 


The speed of the fans in the rack is not adjustable. The fan assembly receives constant power from the PDU. NI does not support making custom alterations to the cooling system of the system. Any alterations to the system could potentially change the heat dissipation of the rack, voiding any related certifications for the system and potentially leading to damage of the hardware inside.

Additional Information

NI does offer a quieter, lower performance top fan assembly for the ATE Core Configuration which can be purchased by contacting NI Sales.

The lower power option is intended for climate controlled areas where less cooling is necessary, while the high performance option is recommended should the ATE Core Configuration be stationed in areas where the ambient temperature is higher such as factory floors or other more harsh environments. However, some higher power configurations do require the high performance assembly regardless of location in order to meet specifications.


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