SystemLink Not Connecting to License Server

Updated Aug 6, 2021

Reported In


  • SystemLink

Issue Details

  • I'm working on setting up my NI SystemLink Server, but when I try to access the Systems Manager in the web application, I see an error that says:


A valid SystemLink Server license is required


  • I purchased a license for my NI SystemLink Server, and my network licenses page shows a green dot next to it. How can I get SystemLink to recognize my license?


SystemLink requires an Unmanaged Concurrent or Computer-based license in order to run correctly and this behavior can happen if your license is set up incorrectly.

If you are using a Computer-based license, please try restarting the SystemLink Server through the NI SystemLink Server Configurator.


Additional Information

If your license is not currently set up as Unmanaged Concurrent or Computer-based, have your Volume License Administrator reach out to