How to Open .hdf Files in NI DIAdem?

Updated Oct 27, 2020



  • DIAdem

  • How do I open files with .hdf extension in NI DIAdem?
  • Is there a way in which I can visualize data from files with extensions as Head Data Format(.hdf) and plot the same in NI DIAdem?

Out of the box, NI DIAdem can read in file formats from the National Instruments platform. This includes TDM, TDMS, LVM  and DAT files. In cases where you want to read in data from a different file extension, you will need a DataPlugin.

The HEAD_Data_Format DataPlugin DataPlugin supports reading/importing and writing / exporting of HEAD acoustics formatted data files. Reads and writes HEAD acoustics data file format "HDF", which defines the storage of "HEAD acoustics data sets"

Follow the steps mentioned below to Import .hdf files in NI DIAdem :

1. Download the HEAD_Data_Format DataPlugin.
2. Refer Installing a C++ DataPlugin in DIAdem to install the DataPlugin.
3. Once installed, open NI DIAdem and locate the file on your disk using My DataFinder.
4. Right-click on the File->Select Open With..

5. Select the right DataPlugin from the Dialog Box and click on Load.

You should now see the file correctly loaded in Data Portal.

Additional Information

  • When you use HEAD_Data_Format_Plugin to import your data those have to be multiplicated with the map faktor to show correct values. When this should be done automatically please use HEAD Data Format Scaling Plugin to import your data.