Selectively Loading Channelgroups from File by Name in DIAdem Script

Updated Mar 20, 2019

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I want to load one or more channelgroups from a file in DIAdem script, without loading all other channels from the file. How can I achieve this?


You can use the DataFileLoadSel function for this. It can load specific channels or groups into DIAdem.

See this example on how to load a specific channelgroup by name:
Call DataFileLoadSel("C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\DIAdem 2018\Data\Example.tdms", "", "EXAMPLE/*")

Additional Information

Instead of the ImportSelection-String "EXAMPLE/*" you can use all common channel specifier like:
  • "EXAMPLE/time"
  • "[1]/[1]"
  • "EXAMPLE/[1]"
  • "EXAMPLE/[1,3,4]"
  • "[1]/[1-3]"
  • "[1]/[1,4-7]"
Refer to the DataFileLoadSel help-article for more information.