4-Wire Resistance Measurements Using cDAQ Modules

Updated Mar 18, 2019

Reported In


  • USB-4065
  • PCI-4065
  • PCIe-4065
  • PCI-4070
  • NI-9219

Issue Details

I would like to take 4-wire resistance measurements in my cDAQ system. What are my options for appropriate hardware?


The NI-9219 is a cDAQ module capable of doing 4-wire resistance measurements. Specifications such as input range, accuracy, and stability for 4-wire resistance measurements using the NI-9219 can be found in the device datasheet.

Additional Information

A good alternative to using a cDAQ module for 4-wire resistance measurements without upgrading to a PXI system is one of our stand-alone or computer-based Digital Multimeter (DMM) devices. These devices typically have higher accuracy and resolution than the NI-9219 for 4-wire resistance measurements, which can be found in the respective device datasheets.