Error -50150 when Using NI 9205 with Analog Reference Trigger

Updated Mar 21, 2019

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  • NI-9205

Issue Details

I am encountering the following error indicating that my software has entered an unknown state.

I have a cDAQ chassis and would like to use the NI 9205 to set up an analog reference trigger for the rest of the modules in the chassis. I am able to set up a task in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) for an analog reference trigger on channel 0 of the NI 9205. I get this error when I add another channel (i.e. channel 1) to my task and try to run it. No matter which other channels I try to add to the task, I get the same result. How can I access my other channels?


According to the Analog Triggering Considerations for C Series, E Series, E Series, M Series and S Series Devices, the documentation mentions the following: "When using the NI 9205 with a reference trigger or pause trigger, you can use only one channel from the NI 9205 channel list, but you can use channels from other C Series devices."

Essentially, if you are using an analog reference trigger on the NI 9205 you are not able to use the other 31 channels on the card. Traditionally, this is a problem that is worked around in MIO devices by using the APFI 0 or APFI 1 terminal. The NI 9205, however, does not have these terminals. Moreover, you cannot create a second analog input task with the rest of the channels as each device can only run one task per operation (i.e. analog input) at a time.

As a workaround, there are example programs that allow you to use a software reference trigger. You can refer Voltage-Continuous in the LabVIEW shipping examples under Hardware Input and Output»DAQmx»Analog Input.