FRC Dashboard Is Not Showing Data From My roboRIO

Updated Apr 17, 2019

Reported In


  • FRC 2019 Software
  • FRC Software

Issue Details

I'm testing a Dashboard for my FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), and I'm not seeing it update with any data from my roboRIO. How can I fix this?


Follow the troubleshooting steps below:
  1. If you're not already, try testing with a default Dashboard- this will remove any chance of a coding mistake affecting your results.
  2. If you're still not seeing data with a default Dashboard, check that it's able to find the Network Tables correctly. The image below points out where the NT Connection LED is located. When seeing the Network Tables correctly, it will turn the LED on.
  1. If the NT Connection LED is not lit, try the following: 
    • Turn off any firewalls on your computer. Sometimes firewalls can block necessary packets for FRC communication, and this could prevent your Dashboard from communicating with your roboRIO
    • Temporarily disable your antivirus. Although this is uncommon, sometimes when your antivirus software is set to be very strict, it can disable parts of the FRC software.
    • Restart your Dashboard and the Driver Station, making sure to choose Allow when your operating system asks if Driver Station can make changes on your PC.
  1. Check your Driver Station:
    • Make sure that your roboRIO is connecting to the Driver Station, and that its code is running. The Communications and Robot Code LEDs in the Driver Station window, highlighted below, will turn green when your roboRIO is connected and running properly.
    • Verify that the Driver Station is set up with your correct team number- this can affect its ability to connect to your roboRIO.
  2. Make sure your hardware is selected correctly in the Dashboard window. For example, you may need to choose a camera from the drop-down menu in the lower left corner of the window.
    • If your hardware does not appear on the list, or if you're seeing other strange behavior, try restarting the robot code by pressing the button displayed in the image below. This button is located in the diagnostics tab of the Driver Station. 

Additional Information

If most of your data is loading correctly, but images are not streaming correctly from your camera, try the steps located in this article.