How to Execute a Step When I Load the Sequence File in TestStand?

Updated Apr 20, 2023

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I need to execute a step, for instance an expression, when I open a sequence file in the TestStand sequence editor, is this possible to do? 



You need to use the SequenceFileLoad Engine Callback. An engine callback is a sequence invoked at specific points during execution, the SequenceFileLoad Engine Callback is invoked when the sequence file is loaded in the Sequence Editor.


Additional Information

You can add Engine callbacks in the same manner as Model callbacks to sequence files. You can define Engine callbacks in normal sequence files, process models, and a station callback file. Callback you define in the sequence file only affect that particular sequence. Process model callbacks that execute on steps affect either the model itself or the client sequence file (depending on which callback you use), and callbacks you define in the station callback sequence file affect either the station callback file itself or any other file you run on the station (depending on which callback you use).