Why Time Column Does Not Show Up When Importing MME Files in DIAdem 2018?

Updated Apr 18, 2019

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I recently upgraded DIAdem version from 2010 sp1 to 2018. When I import .mme files, I used to have a time channel separately with MME data. However, since I upgraded to DIAdem 2018, I don't have the time channel anymore when importing. What has been changed?


It is because DIAdem changed the importing library for MME type. For 32 bit version of DIAdem, GFSMME.DLL was used to import *.mme files. It generates an explicit time channel for MME Data.
However, starting from DIAdem 2015 64-bit version, MME Import DataPlugin replaced GFSMME.DLL because of compatibility between 64-bit and 32-bit.
MME Import DataPlugin doesn't generate an explicit time channel. Instead, It generates each data column as a waveform data type, which includes time information.

Additional Information

Because DIAdem 2018 and beyond will only available in 64-bit versions, it is recommended to use MME Import DataPlugin for future compatibility. You can download it from the page below : MME Import DataPlugin
If you want to make your own DataPlugin with LabVIEW, you can use DataPlugin SDK. Refer to the Related Links for more information.