Power Requirements for NI-9860 with CAN or LIN Bus

Updated Apr 26, 2023

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  • NI-9860
  • Transceiver Cable

Issue Details

I want to use the NI-9860 C Series Vehicle Multiprotocol Interface Module, and want to know the requirements I need to power the module, transceiver cables, and the bus for both CAN and LIN communication.


The power requirements for the NI-9860 and the associated communication type are as follows:
Communication ProtocolRequires External Power to NI-9860Requires External Power to Bus
CAN Low Speed (LS)yesno
CAN High Speed (HS)yesno

Additional Information

  • The TRC-8543 does CAN Low Speed (CAN LS/FT) and CAN High Speed (CAN HS/FD) communication.
  • The TRC-8542 does CAN High Speed (CAN HS/FD)┬ácommunication.
  • The TRC-8546 does LIN┬ácommunication.