Why Doesn't My BNC-2110 Power Light Indicator Turn On?

Updated Apr 25, 2019

Reported In


  • BNC-2110
  • PCIe-6738
  • NI-6738
  • PXIe-6738
  • NI-6739
  • PXIe-6739


  • DAQExpress

Issue Details

I'm trying to connect the BNC-2110 to a PCIe-6738 and have been following the BNC-2110 Installation Guide. The PCIe-6738 is recognised by the system and I can see it in the DAQExpress program but the BNC-2110 is not, nor does it appear in NI MAX. Following the manual the BNC-2110 power indicator light should turn on but this is not happening.


The BNC-2110 Installation Guide lists support for the NI 673x, however this does not apply to the NI 6738 and NI 6739. Please see the document below on this, under 4. Known Limitations and Issues List.


67xx Models : DAQ Analog Output Cable and Accessory Compatibility - National Instruments