How Do I Allow Only Operator Privileges in NI VeriStand?

Updated Oct 27, 2020



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  • I don't want the User to be able to edit the System Definition File. How do I not grant the privilege for making changes in the System Definition File to the User?
  • Is it possible to have only Operator Mode in NI VeriStand?
  • Is it possible for a User to only have the privilege of Deploying/Running the Project and not to edit the same in NI VeriStand?

It is possible to have multiple users in NI VeriStand with different Privileges as per the requirements.

Each project defines a set of users and permissions. If a project has only one defined user, and that user does not have a password, then that user automatically is logged in.

Follow the steps mentioned below to create new user as an Operator and specify the permissions/privileges:

1) Launch NI Veristand and open any existing project under the Most Recent Projects in the NI VeriStand Getting Started Window or click on New NI VeriStand Project to create a new project and save it:

2) In the NI VeriStand Project Toolbar, Click on Tools>>Manage Users:

User Account Manager Dialog Box should show up. You can manage User Groups under the Groups section by clicking on the Add../Delete buttons under the Groups section . By Default there are two groups present : Administrator and Operator. You can individually grant permissions by selecting the group and marking the required checkboxes under the Permissions Category as shown below:

3) Uncheck the Administration Permission after selecting Operator Group.

NOTE: Disallowing the Administration Permission will prevent the User from modifying the System Definition File. However, there are more Permissions which can further limit the tasks that a User can perform.

4) Once you have configured the Permissions, you can then create a user in a specific group under the User Accounts section. Click on Add.. button to open the Edit User Account dialog box. Set the
User Name and select Operator as the Group:

5) Click on Change Password in the Edit User Account dialog box to open the Change User Password dialog box and configure the New Password for specified User:

6) Save the changes by clicking on the OK button and close the User Account Manager dialog box.

7) NI VeriStand will now prompt you to enter the User Name and Password before you start working on an NI VeriStand Project as shown:

The Privileges will then be granted based on the User log-in credentials.

Additional Information

Any user from the Operator Group with Administration Permission denied will only be able to Run Project and won't be allowed to Configure Project from the NI VeriStand Getting Started Window. Clicking on the Configure Project option will result into an error as explained in the image below: