Correctly Importing Third Party Device Models into Multisim

Updated Apr 23, 2024

Reported In


  • Multisim


  • TI UCC27538

Issue Details

I have a problem importing a third party device model in Multisim. During the guided tool Component Wizard, specifically at step 5,I get this error: Error: The Model Contains Multiple Top-Level .Subckt Statements.


In order to fix this problem go through this more general guide on how to import a third-party device in Multisim:

In order to successfully import it, go to Multisim>>Tools>> Component Wizard
  1. Select Simulation model 
  1. If you selected "Simulation only" in step 1, select "Single Section Component" and the number of pins that you need for your device in order to match the real one imported from model data
  1. Just go next for the next two steps and then  extract from the document of the third party device the file .LIB that you have to import it in this step. Just to be sure that there is described in your NETLIST just one subcircuit ,open it in notepad ++ or any other editor and check for all the .subckt. Select just the ones  that you need and then click then next.Be sure that the number of pins described in your model data are equal to the number of pins that you have described in the step 2.
  1. Just go next for the next step and then click on Add Family selecting the family that you think is more appropriate for the device. Click then finish. 

Additional Information

Another solution at step 3. can be found here: Error The Model Contains Top-Level .subckt Statements in Multisim