Use Web-Based Installers to Install NI Software

Updated Nov 2, 2023



  • LabVIEW Automated Test Suite
  • LabVIEW Embedded Control and Monitoring Suite
  • HIL and Real-Time Test Software Suite
  • Software Platform Bundle
  • Academic Site License

NI offers web-based installers for software suites, such as the Automated Test Software SuiteEmbedded Control and Monitoring Software Suite (ECM), Multi-IDE Bundle, or Academic Volume License. A web-based installer is a small piece of software you can use to select and download products from Web-based installers allow you to install multiple applications, toolkits, and drivers at once and only require online access to prepare an installer package which can then be distributed. This tutorial shows you how to use a web-based installer for both online and offline machines. 

Note: Web-based installers are used for NI software suites versions 2018 and earlier.

Other methods of installing NI software to an offline machine include:

Prepare Installer on Online Machine

  1. On the online machine, download and open the Web-Based Installer for your suite or software package.
Note: If you purchased Developer Suite, Multi-IDE Bundle, Enterprise Agreement ("EA"), Academic Volume License ("AVL"), or Partner Software ("PS"), you can use the Software Platform Bundle Web-based Installer to install and activate your software.
  1. The installer will ask you where you would like to save the files the installer will download. Select a file location that can be easily found so you can move the files later for distribution. Click Start.
Note: If you receive an alert when you run an NI installer that the product requires Microsoft software to first be installed, visit and enter the appropriate Info Code to download the necessary Microsoft installer. Install the Microsoft product before installing NI software.
  1. Continue through the steps until you encounter the screen below.
  • If you are installing to an online machine, select I want to install software now to download and immediately install the products you select.
  • If you are installing to an offline machine, select I want to download software only. I will install at a later time.  
  1. On the next screen, you will be given options to use your NI Account or serial numbers to select what to download or you can select the products manually.
  1. You will then be presented with a list of software to be installed which you can customize if required.
  1. Continue through the rest of the steps and the installer will download the packages necessary to install the software you selected.
Note: Once all of the selected products in a suite are fully downloaded, the suite will no longer prompt for downloading and will no longer require Internet connectivity to install the products.
  1. Double-check your desired NI software was saved in the Installer folder. The individual software's setup.exe files should be included in the Distributions folder of the Installer.
  2. To distribute the installer to the offline machine, load the Installer folder, including the Distribution directory with your selected software installation files, to your physical media drive or disk.

Use Installer on Offline Computer

  1. On the offline computer, launch the Software Platform Bundle installer from the physical media you created in the section above. Point the file path to the Distribution directory with the NI software, similar to below.
  1. Follow the installer steps until you see the screen below. Select I want to install software now.
  1. Follow the rest of the steps and the installer will install the downloaded software onto the offline computer.
Note: The installer will ask you to specify which NI software available you would like to install on the offline computer. This step is repeated on the offline computer to ensure you don't accidentally install extra software that is on the installer, but you weren't wanting on your original computer.