Is It Possible to Trigger an Acquisition with NI-SCOPE Device Based on a Timestamp?

Updated Jun 29, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-5114
  • PXI-6682


  • NI-Sync

Issue Details

I need to start a NI-SCOPE acquisition based on a timestamp.


Natively the NI-SCOPE driver does not support a timestamp type trigger (such as NI-DAQmx). It can be implemented using a timing card such as the PXI-6682H.

The idea is to generate a hardware trigger on the PXI backplane, such as on the PXI_Trig0, and use it to trigger the fetch/acquisition on the NI-SCOPE board.

You can use the example found in Help >> Example Finder >> Hardware Input and Output >> Timing and Synchronization >> Time-based >> Generate Event VI to generate a trigger at certain time, selecting the proper Start Time Delay (Seconds). Select as Output Terminal PXI_Trig0. This value must be the same of the digital trigger input in the NI-SCOPE task.

In the acquisition task with the NI-SCOPE you must insert the niScope Configure Trigger VI block and insert the same value that has been inserted in Output terminal (in this case PXI_Trig0)

Additional Information

This guide has been tested with PXI-5114 and PXI-6682H, but can be applied to every NI-SCOPE board and NI-Sync board