Transfer Data Between Two Computers Connected to a Network Using LabVIEW

Updated Apr 18, 2024

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  • LabVIEW

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I have two computers connected to a network (on the same subnet). I want to know about different methods or communication protocols that can be used to transfer data between them when using LabVIEW.


There are several networking protocols available to accomplish this task. Using the Right Networking Protocol will guide you through the task of choosing the right protocol for your application. It covers the most common communication models used in control and monitoring applications and recommends networking protocols best suited to each situation based on configuration, performance, ease of use, etc.

The referenced white paper focuses on three models of communication:
  • Command or message-based communication: infrequent information transfer triggered by a specific event.
  • Process Data Communication: periodic transfer of the latest values of process variables.
  • Streaming/Buffered Communication: streaming data, large amounts of information are sent continuously but not necessarily in real-time. 

Below you can access detailed information on using any of these protocols with LabVIEW:

Additional Information

If you are looking for a different communication protocol that does not require a network, consider using a bus communication protocol such as serial or CAN to communicate between LabVIEW applications on different computers.