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Which Is The Difference Between NI 9501 And NI 9503 Shortly

Updated Mar 7, 2019

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  • NI-9503
  • NI-9501

Issue Details

I want to know the difference between NI 9501 and NI 9503 for a motion application 


  • The NI 9501 and NI 9503 are controllers and drives, which mean they output the power directly to the motor. This means that there are power electronics involved. If you have a controller which means it does not need power amplification as it plugs into a drive. The drive will then be directly connected to the motor, providing power.You can use the NI 9503 or NI 9501 as a drive or as a controller. 
  • Both the NI 9501 and NI 9503 use a PWM signal to control the current in the motor. The PWM frequency for the NI 9501 and NI 9503 is 20kHz (this is configurable for the NI 9503). 
  • The NI 9501 uses a bipolar chopper instead the NI 9503 uses a PWM signal, that can be adjusted with the duty cycle.


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