Sub-VI Control Doesn't Display Value When Called

Updated Feb 25, 2019

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

In my code, I'm calling a sub-VI. I open the sub-VI's front panel to look at the controls and indicators update, and the values aren't changing. Why aren't my values being passed to my sub-VI?


This is being caused by your reentrancy settings. Open your VI Properties by clicking File >> VI Properties.... Switch to the Execution category and look at your Reentrancy settings as shown below. If your reentrancy is set to anything besides Non-reentrant execution, the code is being run in a clone of the VI in memory, separate from the open front panel. To see the values updating, set the Reentrancy to Non-reentrant execution to execute the code in the open copy of the sub-VI.

If your settings are set to allow Preallocated clone reentrant execution, you can double-click on the VI within the calling VI, and it will open up the allocated clone and show you the inputs and outputs changing.


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